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The Death Panels issue is a hot topic on the talk shows and news programs currently, but they seem to forget that this is not a NEW thing for the Liberals in congress. Back in 1973, the Liberals pushed through the Supreme Court an equally evil idea that it was ok to murder the unborn babies in their mother’s wombs without any legal consequences. This led to an even more invasive run of evil ideas such as Doe v. Bolton, partial birth abortion and the RU-486 pill etc. etc. Liberals, such as California’s Boxer, Feinstein, Waxman and Pelosi have pushed this evil on the American public. It is interesting that most of these folks are JEWS. You would think that after WWII and Hitler’s death camps against Jews and other “so-called inferior” people groups, which I hasten to say are NOT INFERIOR in any way, this would make Jews more sensitive to the killing of innocent people. Since 1973 abortion slaughter houses have MURDERED over 40 MILLION American citizens, citizens who could now be helping to pay for Social Security etc. This massive number of dead citizens could be contributing to the overall prosperity of our land. The issue at the root of Planned Parenthood was the ELIMINATION OF HUMAN WEEDS, according to the founder Margaret Sanger. All one has to do is go on line and search for an article from the Wall Street Journal entitled, “The Repackaging Of Margaret Sanger,” to get the full impact of what she set out to do. You see, you could classify Planned Parenthood as ETHNIC CLEANSING because she classified blacks and Asians as two groups worthy of stamping them out by not allowing them to BREED, as she put it.
If you don’t accept this fact, you need merely to do another search for The Negro Project to get it from black people in America who will give it to you straight.
It is sad to get the report today that 41% of all pregnancies in New York City end in abortion/murder. The VAST MAJORITY OF THESE ABORTIONS ARE FROM ETHNIC GROUPS. This bears out the fact that ETHNIC CLEANSING IS STILL GOING ON UNCHECKED. Now the Obama administration wants to push END OF LIFE COUNSELING for senior citizens. This is simply the Liberal’s way of saying to old people, who are sick, you are no longer worth saving by giving you end of life care so we want to get Dr. Death/Jack Kevorkian to help you end your own life. It is already legal in many parts of Europe and of course in Oregon to do this legally.

What ever happened to “LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS”? The Liberal does not see the Constitution as worth enforcing and even goes against its very content. The Socialist state allows this to go on, but WAIT! THIS IS NOT A COMMUNIST NATION, IT IS AMERICA!!!!! Only the PEOPLE can stop this insanity and we need to melt down the phones of any congress person who will vote against repealing Obamacare, which contains public funding for abortion and pushes end of life counseling. Tell your elected official that in only two years there will be another election and to let the results of this past election be a warning to them as to what the American people will do at the polls if they keep this monstrosity in effect. The voice of the people is still the most powerful force in our land, second only to the voice of God Himself, who by the way is AGAINST THESE HIDEOUS EVILS!

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