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The American Civil Liberties Union states on its website, “The Constitution and Bill of Rights set the ground rules for individual liberty, which include the freedoms of speech, association and religion, freedom of the press, and the right to privacy, to equal protection of the laws and to due process of law.” “…including the strict separation of church and state.” This last part is NONEXISTENT in these documents. The ACLU, Founded in 1920 by Roger Baldwin, had several key leaders who were members of the Communist Party. Earl Browder, then General Secretary of the Communist Party, said the ACLU functioned as “a transmission belt” for the party.  In the 40’s and 50’s, it opposed laws requiring prostitutes to submit to examinations or vaccinations, saying these violated women’s rights to “medical liberty.” In the 60’s, society intensified its hostility toward Christianity’s values with the drug and free love movements thus giving the ACLU credence to become more aggressive in suppression of religious freedoms. In ’67, it adopted a “Pro-abortion” stance. (What happened to the right to life, liberty…?) In the 70’s, it became aggressive in defending the “special rights” of homosexuals. In the 80’s, it created its “Lesbian and Gay Rights” project. In ’86, it successfully sued a fifth grade public school teacher forcing him to remove his personal Bible from his desk which he read only to himself during class quiet reading times. Their double standards become evident when in 2001 they threatened to sue the Anaheim, Ca. school board if they did not openly display homosexual materials on the shelves of the high school library. In ‘88, they barred a doctor from disclosing a male patient’s AIDS infection to the man’s wife saying, “The benefits of confidentiality outweigh the possibility that somebody may be infected.” In ’95, it spoke against the amendment that would have forbidden the burning and desecrations of the American flag. They filed a lawsuit against Alabama Circuit Court Judge Roy Moore to force him to discontinue prayer in his courtroom and remove a Ten Commandment plaque from the wall behind his bench. In ’97, it successfully argued to protect the rights of pornographers on the internet, including the right to show pictures of children. In ‘02, the Supreme Court struck down major portions of the Child Pornography Protection Act; the ACLU declared it a victory for “Free Speech.” Does this sound like the protecting of individual rights to you or just their own perverted agenda? Christians are in their sights but we have just begun to fight, haven’t we?  

               Pastor Ike

Dated: 06/19/04


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