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“So you shall keep His statutes and His commandments which I am giving you today, that it may go well with you and with your children after you, and that you may live long on the earth which the LORD you God is giving for all time.” Deuteronomy 4:40 NASB

There, that should settle the question of exactly who is to possess the land of Israel. If we look at history, the namesake of the Palestinians is the Philistines, which were wiped out. The name Palestine was assigned to the land when the Romans left as a jab in the eye of the Jews. In reality there are no such people as Palestinians. The ones who live there are a mixture of the nations who surround Israel. God promised that He would bring the Jews home to this land and He fulfilled prophesy when Israel became a nation in one day. Hallelujah and praise His holy name! We, as Christians, must stand with Israel no matter what. The promise is that God will bless those who bless Israel. I for one am so committed. I have a deep love for the Jews and pray daily for their salvation in THEIR Messiah, Jesus/Yeshua. The New Testament mentions a number of times that the gospel is to go to all people, but to the Jew first. That command has never been rescinded. I wonder how much money is budgeted in gentile Christian churches for Jewish evangelism. Every church should be passionately reaching out to the Jews. Shalom Aleichem to all.

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I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal, dated May 19, 14, about the work that Melinda Gates is doing to curb infant deaths. The article spells out her agenda on how to save newborn babies from death by promoting proper feeding methods and nurturing them. She and her billionaire hubby, Bill Gates Jr., co-chair the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where money is dispensed to what they feel are the greatest needs here and around the world.

This is odd considering that the Foundation has given $12.5 billion to promote abortion of the unborn. We all have heard of the horrors that happen in these butcher shops when a baby survives the murder attempt by brutally killing the child once it is outside the womb. We all go from the womb to the tomb in time, but these children go directly there and all for a few dollars to the abortion crew.

The Foundation stands to inherit $37 billion from Warren Buffet upon his death. I wonder how these billions will be spent once in their hands. Oh yes, Bill Gates’ father was the head of Planned Parenthood in years gone by. Yet, the current Gates pair claim that they give no money to promote abortion. This is patently FALSE. Maybe they speak of giving PERSONALLY vs. giving from the Foundation. Typical that those who live to promote the wholesale murder of the unborn have a tendency to LIE this way. I guess that they do not want to sully the image of Microsoft since this is their source of wealth.

We all need to pray for the Gates family that they will see this glaring double standard and get right with God and then use these billions to save the lives of all children and promote the truth around the globe.

The source of the information is the Christian Coalition of America.

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