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1 O God, do not remain quiet ; do not be silent and, O God, do not be still. 2 For behold, Your enemies make an uproar, and those who hate You have exalted themselves. 3 They make shrewd plans against Your people, and conspire together against Your treasured ones. 4 They have said, “Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.” 5 For they have conspired together with one mind ; against You they make a covenant : 6 the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, Moab and the Hagrites ; 7 Gebal and Ammon and Amalek, Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre ; 8 Assyria also has joined with them; they have become a help to the children of Lot. Selah. 9 Deal with them as with Midian, as with Sisera and Jabin at the torrent of Kishon, 10 who were destroyed at En-dor, who became as dung for the ground. 11 Make their nobles like Oreb and Zeeb and all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna, 12 who said, “Let us possess for ourselves The pastures of God.” 13 O my God, make them like the whirling dust, like chaff before the wind. 14 Like fire that burns the forest and like a flame that sets the mountains on fire, 15 so pursue them with Your tempest and terrify them with Your storm. 16 Fill their faces with dishonor, that they may seek Your name, O LORD. 17 Let them be ashamed and dismayed forever, and let them be humiliated and perish, 18 that they may know that You alone, whose name is the LORD, are the Most High over all the earth. Psalm 83

For those of us who are now older and have spent the most of our lives studying God’s Word, it is exciting and yet ominous to see the events of the Middle East falling into place that will lead to the final days of earth. Who could have imagined that the surrounding Muslim nations, around tiny Israel, would seek to overthrow their more stable leaders and be taken over by the radical Muslim Brotherhood. Once they gain power the first thing they say is Death To Israel!.
I believe that Islam will play a huge role in the last days and it fits the biblical description of the powers that will attack Israel at the battle of Har-magedon. (Armageddon: Revelation 16:12-21) This battle will begin with the 6th Bowl Judgment, as found in the passage above.
This is why I say a day of excitement, yet ominous because the LORD will soon return but the death, violence and carnage will be unlike anything that mankind has seen in all of human history. The surrounding nations, as Revelation says, as well as the nations of the whole earth, will attack Israel with great violence. God will ultimately be the victor in this battle and destroy the enemies of His people. The Devil will so inject hatred for Israel that all nations will hate them, and I am sure all Christians as well. Note: The 6th bowl will be poured on the Euphrates River to dry it up so that the kings of the east can cross over with their armies. Take a look on the map of the Middle East to see what nations this includes. You will find them ALL enemies of Israel and Muslim.
A quick note on Islam. It fits both descriptions of a religion and an ideology as well. Walid Shoebat spoke at the Family Research Center pastor’s conference in Washington DC and said that Islam is NOT primarily a religion. It is first a political ideology, as was Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan in WWII. They tag on to a religion to gain adherents, but ultimately it is dominated by a few, as we see in the Middle East today. This is how they will lead the one world religion and one world government under one banner. Would you want to be a woman living in Iran or Iraq today?
It is secondly a religion with strict Sharia laws governing every movement that the people make. It has ultimate control over about one and a half billion members of the world’s residents today.
I find it absurd to hear prophesy teachers refer to China as the kings of the east. Do you realize how far it is to China from Israel? Israel is surrounded by her greatest enemies today and the hour glass is nearing the empty mark. The events in that part of the world are in the cross hairs of world news daily. The events in Syria demonstrate how serious the radicals in Islam are at gaining control of all the nations surrounding Israel now.
The Psalm is almost perfectly lined up with Middle Eastern events in our newspapers and other media. Note the list of nations in verses 6-7.
We must remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all Israel on a daily basis. Those who espouse a one world government are at center stage worldwide and what is happening in America is all part of the plan to unify the world into one. This next election will determine whether or not we see this happen sooner or later, for it WILL happen. America must be destabilized and lose its influence in the world in order for the UN to make its move. Note how many Muslim nations have seats at the UN and vote against us and Israel every time. We have already heard about efforts to have a world income tax and to have our troops under UN control. One of our soldiers was put on trial because he refused to serve under UN control.
Note verses 4-6 to see the ultimate Satanic plan for Israel. There have been efforts in history to wipe Israel off the face of the earth but have not and will not succeed as Israel plays a crucial role in end times prophesy. Haman, Hitler and Hamas have all sought her ultimate demise, but GOD is still in control of events on earth. Hamas has run full page ads stating their goal, to drive Israel into the Sea. They do not want a two state solution, this has been offered a number of times. They want Israel to NOT EXIST any more. This is nothing more than Satan’s plan worked out through his agents on earth.
Well, that is enough for now, but keep your eyes and ears open and see how biblical prophesy is being fulfilled today.

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There are many crimes that injure everyone involved but our society today has classified a group of crimes as victimless crimes. What on earth could be given the name victimless and still be a crime? This is precisely the question that social scientists are asking today: Why should we charge a person with a crime that has no victim? The problem lies in the fact that no crime is without a victim.
This category of crimes is related to sexual immorality. The question is asked, “What harm is there in a man or woman engaging the services of a prostitute or going to a club that features naked dancers, and how can pornography harm anyone?” Are the legislators thinking about the person’s loved ones or sexual addictions that lead to committing rape, murder or other crimes? Does it bother the wife or husband for their spouse to “play around?” This question has two different answers. To the person who is “just having a little fun,” it seems harmless, but to the person left at home it brings pain that cannot be described. Take this verse for instance. “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, but she who shames him is like rottenness to his bones.” Proverbs 12:4 NASB The same works for unfaithful husbands. I have counseled couples who have suffered moral failure from one or the other spouses and have seen the intense pain first hand. I have often posed the question to the spouse who “had a little fun” if they would mind if their spouse decided to do the same thing tonight, would they would have a problem with this? The answer is always the same, “YES!” This smacks of the ultimate double standard. How can a person be so narrow minded when it comes to violating their commitment to be loyal to their spouse for the rest of their life? Do vows mean nothing to them? Are they liars? When they married they promised lifelong faithfulness but now they have broken that trust. Do they lie in other parts of their lives as easily?
Proverbs has much to say here!
“My son, give attention to my wisdom, incline your ear to my understanding; that you may observe discretion and your lips may reserve knowledge. For the lips of an adulteress drip honey and smoother than oil is her speech; but in the end she is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword. Her feet go down to death, her steps take hold of Sheol. She does not ponder the path of life; her ways are unstable, she does not know it.” Proverbs 5:1-6
“The one who commits adultery with a woman is lacking sense; he who would destroy himself does it.” Proverbs 6:32
“For at the window of my house I looked out through my lattice, and I saw among the naive, and discerned among the youths a young man lacking sense, passing through the street near her corner; and he takes the way to her house, in the twilight, in the evening, in the middle of the night and in the darkness. And behold, a woman comes to meet him, dressed as a harlot and cunning of heart. She is boisterous and rebellious, her feet do not remain at home; she is now in the streets, now in the squares, and lurks by every corner. So she seizes him and kisses him and with a brazen face she says to him: ‘I was due to offer peace offerings; today I have paid my vows. Therefore I have come out to meet you, to seek your presence earnestly, and I have found you. I have spread my couch with coverings, with colored linens of Egypt. I have sprinkled my bed with myrrh, aloes and cinnamon. Come, let us drink our fill of love until morning; let us delight ourselves with caresses. For my husband is not at home, he has gone on a long journey; he has taken a bag of money with him, at the full moon he will come home.’ With her many persuasions she entices him; with her flattering lips she seduces him. Suddenly he follows her as an ox goes to the slaughter, or as one in fetters to the discipline of a fool, until an arrow pierces through his liver; as a bird hastens to the snare, so he does not know that it will cost him his life. Now therefore, my sons, listen to me, and pay attention to the words of my mouth. Do not let your heart turn aside to her ways, do not stray into her paths. For many are the victims she has cast down, and numerous are all her slain. Her house is the way to Sheol, descending to the chambers of death.” Proverbs 7:6-27
(Emphasis added) Note the word victims in the verse. Just the opposite of what our so-called experts are telling our generation. Dr. Spock was such an expert, even though he never had a child of his own. The recanted his position after he retired. He did huge damage to a whole generation of children.
Take a look in the hospital or hospice and visit a patient who is dying of AIDS or some other sexually transmitted disease. It isn’t a very pretty picture. A moment of illicit pleasure turns into a lifetime of misery and suffering. Take Solomon’s words seriously, avoid the “victimless crimes” like the plague!

For further reading, take Proverbs 5-7 and see just how much Solomon warned his son about this issue.

One last verse to illustrate the bitter end many suffer from S.T.D.s. “And you groan at your final end, when your flesh and your body are consumed; and you say, ‘How I have hated instruction! And my heart spurned reproof. I have not listened to the voice of my teachers, nor inclined my ear to my instructors.’ ” Proverbs 5:11-13 NASB

Young people, take heed to your parents and youth leaders/pastor. They do not warn you in vain but from a sure knowledge of the truth. Keep your way pure. I have never seen a faithful married couple suffer from S.T.D.s.

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Taken from Zola Levitt newsletter. You can get the whole newsletter mailed to you by going to He was, now with the LORD, a Messianic believer in Y’shua/Jesus. Wonderful information on the Middle East.

Two things that Muslims want to do. September 2012 Issue

1. A call to destroy Egypt’s Great Pyramids has begun with the takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood. Can you believe this? That is right, they want to destroy them since, by their estimation, they are “symbols of paganism.”

2. Iranian clerics seek to LOWER the age of girls to ten and under for marriage. Again, can you believe this? What kind of perversion would any man want to take a child as his bride?
The article states, “According to recently released statistics, in the past few weeks over 75 female children under 10 were forced to marry much older men. In 3,929 cases, bride and groom were both under 14.”
There you have it. Two moves within Islam that staggers our imagination, especially the second.
I wonder if we will hear ANYTHING from the NOW gang about this? If this were within Christian circles it would be a huge scandal, BUT let it happen within Islam and not a peep. Amazing! Our media has become complicit with what we call in America child molestation.

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“When the sword is once drawn, the passions of men observe no bounds of moderation.” Alexander Hamilton

Mr. Hamilton understood the unrestrained evil that can happen during a war. Just think of the countless rapes, murders and brutality that would never have happened in peacetime. I have spoken to individuals who were guilty of deliberate friendly fire incidents. One drank himself to sleep nightly until he committed suicide. I spent a lot of time trying to minister to him and was deeply grieved when he took his own life.

May God’s heavy hand rule our troops and keep them from doing things unbecoming a man or woman of honor.

Please pray daily for our troops stationed around the world. They are keeping us free and we owe them a great debt of respect and gratitude.

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7 The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul;
The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.
8 The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart;
The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.
9 The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever;
The judgments of the Lord are true; they are righteous altogether.
10 They are more desirable than gold, yes, than much fine gold;
Sweeter also than honey and the drippings of the honeycomb.
11 Moreover, by them Your servant is warned;
In keeping them there is great reward.
12 Who can discern his errors? Acquit me of hidden faults.
13 Also keep back Your servant from presumptuous sins;
Let them not rule over me;
Then I will be blameless,
And I shall be acquitted of great transgression.
14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart
Be acceptable in Your sight,
O Lord, my rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:7-14

1 May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble!
May the name of the God of Jacob set you securely on high!
2 May He send you help from the sanctuary
And support you from Zion!
3 May He remember all your meal offerings
And find your burnt offering acceptable! Selah.
4 May He grant you your heart’s desire
And fulfill all your counsel!
5 We will sing for joy over your victory,
And in the name of our God we will set up our banners.
May the Lord fulfill all your petitions.
6 Now I know that the Lord saves His anointed;
He will answer him from His holy heaven
With the saving strength of His right hand.
7 Some boast in chariots and some in horses,
But we will boast in the name of the Lord, our God.
8 They have bowed down and fallen,
But we have risen and stood upright.
9 Save, O Lord. Psalm 20 New American Standard Bible

It is amazing to ponder the fact that God has revealed His very mind in the pages of our Bibles. Moses said to the LORD, “Now therefore, I pray You, if I have found favor in Your sight, let me know Your ways that I may know You, so that I may find favor in Your sight. Consider too, that this nation is Your people.” Exodus 33:13 NASB

How can we, His people, then neglect the great gift that He gave us so that we might always do that which is pleasing to Him as Jesus/Y’shua did here on the earth? Daily reading of the Word of God is ESSENTIAL to our spiritual well being and growth toward Christ likeness. Just spend time today meditating on these verses and note all the benefits offered to those who treasure His word MORE than our necessary food, as Job said.
Job23:12 “I have not departed from the command of His lips;I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.

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“1 O LORD, who may abide in Your tent ? Who may dwell on Your holy hill ? 2 He who walks with integrity, and works righteousness, And speaks truth in his heart. 3 He does not slander with his tongue, Nor does evil to his neighbor, Nor takes up a reproach against his friend ; 4 In whose eyes a reprobate is despised, But who honors those who fear the LORD ; He swears to his own hurt and does not change ; 5 He does not put out his money at interest, Nor does he take a bribe against the innocent. He who does these things will never be shaken.” Psalm 15

Isn’t that an amazingly clear passage on what the LORD desires of those who walk closely with Him? Oh how we long to rid ourselves of the opposite of these. We all struggle with sin this side of heaven but the power of the Spirit makes it possible to actually draw near to God that He might draw near to us.

Oh how we long to be set free from this old sin nature that keeps dragging us away from our LORD in little and big ways. Some days we crawl into bed victorious and others we feel that we will never get it right. Just remember that GOD NEVER GIVES UP ON US! 1 John 1:9 is there for a purpose, forgiveness and restoration to perfect fellowship with Him. The same idea was in the Old Covenant as well. God gave His ONLY Son that we might daily keep short sin accounts. The MOMENT that we fall short, we must catch the Devil in his deceit and immediately confess it to God and He will forgive and restore us to Himself. Oh the glory of this precious truth!!!!
Love you all.

For more information on this topic read Psalm 24.

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1 Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness ! You have relieved me in my distress ; Be gracious to me and hear my prayer. 2 O sons of men, how long will my honor become a reproach ? How long will you love what is worthless and aim at deception ? Selah. 3 But know that the LORD has set apart the godly man for Himself; The LORD hears when I call to Him. 4 Tremble, and do not sin ; Meditate in your heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah. 5 Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, And trust in the LORD. 6 Many are saying, “Who will show us any good ?” Lift up the light of Your countenance upon us, O LORD ! 7 You have put gladness in my heart, More than when their grain and new wine abound. 8 In peace I will both lie down and sleep, For You alone, O LORD, make me to dwell in safety. Psalm 4

Verse 2 is very appropriate for our day with so much Doing Our Own Thing mentality. Even within the church, especially with the so-called feel good preaching, professing Christians are not taught right from wrong so they DO WHATSOEVER IS RIGHT IN THEIR OWN EYES. The common refrain is “God doesn’t care if I do this or that,” or “My God would not do that.” All too often the Bible falls away and political correctness takes its place.
For instance, how can so-called Christian churches and whole denominations embrace homosexuality or even abortion and claim that this is God’s word? This is an abomination as are both these sins. Shedding innocent blood is an abomination throughout the Bible and God boldly says that homosexuality is an abomination and adds Genesis 19, Romans 1 and other passages to back it up. Both these sins thwart God’s original plan for marriage and for populating the world. America stands at the precipice with one foot on oil by our blatant embracing of these and other sins.

God is HOLY and will not be mocked by His own creation. How totally arrogant for that speck of dust, man, to point his finger in the face of the Sovereign God and tell Him that He is wrong and that we will do as we please and not expect His judgment?
America has the chance to change directions in November and remove ALL Socialists, liberals and moderates from office by the power of the ballot box. But far more important, both now and after the election, that WE THE PEOPLE repent of our sins and seek the face of the God who created the United States of America, both at creation and when those pilgrims came here in the beginning. Americans, down deep, know what is right but our leaders, including most of the pulpits of this land, have neglected to proclaim it and call on the people to live it. All we have to do is refer to the times when Israel and Judea had kings who sought the face of God and see how the people followed in obedience. One of my professors, Dr. Charles McKay, said to our class, “If you want to know the temperature of your church put the thermometer in your OWN mouth.” This is what our pastors and our elected officials MUST do NOW. When I took typing in high school, one of the sentences we practiced on over and over was, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aide of their country.” This is very appropriate to our time now.

What will 2013 look like when the history books are written? Will we repent as a nation and restore morality to our land or will we continue as usual and face the very wrath of God. We must make this choice INDIVIDUALLY which becomes collectively as a nation.

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