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The atheistic establishment today is trying everything to take away the right of American conservatives to speak out their thoughts. Freedom of speech is a foundational to our way of life. The way this works is when a liberal/Socialist/atheist wants to make their point become the accepted way they have to remove dialogue from the conversation. This is the case with Evolution around the world. Evolution is, at its heart, atheism pure and simple. The liberals have now forced the teaching of atheism exclusively in almost every venue of education today. Evolution is man’s futile attempt to explain how life and the universe came to be by excluding God from the formula. Anyone who is willing to seek the truth by looking at the EVIDENCE will conclude that there HAD to be a Creator who did this. Evolutionists are attempting to force it on the public by claiming that it is now an established FACT. The only fact about evolution is the FACT OF THE ABSENCE OF ANY EVIDENCE on its behalf.
The questions that must be answered by them are:
1. How did the first life come into being?
2. Where are the fossils of the transitional forms? We have absolutely NONE to date. Many have been falsified but all proven fakes.
3. How can such complexity possibly have evolved? Darwin himself said that if we find no transitional fossils and if we discover more complexity in cells etc. then his theory is WRONG. Well folks, this is exactly what we find, greater complexity and NO fossils of transitional forms. Did you know that we have actually found fossils of jellyfish? This throws out the whole idea that they have simply disappeared.
4. Where did the dinosaurs come from?
5. How is it that we have petrified trees going through many of the geologic periods of time? How can a tree be there if these layers are for real? They are not! We have actually found these geologic periods upside down, even in the Grand Canyon. Fact: The only place the geologic table is found in on charts. They do not exist like this in nature. The Grand Canyon itself is a physical impossibility in nature. The beginning of the canyon is a few thousand feet lower than the end of the canyon, making water run up a very steep hill get to the other end to wash out the canyon. The evidence actually can be tied to Noah’s flood.
If you want to look at the hard evidence, try answersingenesis and creationscience web sites. If you are willing to just look at the hard facts you will be convinced that evolution is the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the world. You will also conclude, as do many great scientists today, that there had to be a supreme intelligence behind the massive complexity we see all around us. Men like Behe, Kenyon and others who now are in the Intelligent Design camp. Kenyon wrote the text book on chemical evolution until one of his students asked him a question he could not answer. He did further research and discovered his own theory filled with errors.
If one just has an open mind to examine the facts they will discover overwhelming evidence for creation.

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Friday, July 15th, 2011 | Author:

Gov. Brown of California has just signed SB 48 requiring all public schools to adopt text books that promote the good things of homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals etc. etc. etc. Every form of sexual perversion will now be seen ONLY in a good light to the young minds of children who SHOULD BE GETTING AN EDUCATION INSTEAD OF BEING BRAINWASHED. California has ranked near the bottom in education for a number of years because of this type of activism in public education.
I wonder if HETEROSEXUALITY will also get equal time and access to young minds??? I seriously doubt it. Since when do we promote a certain form of sexual behavior to children? This is laid at the feet of rabid liberals in the state and they will see a rash of exiting students from public education. If I still lived there I would not hesitate to pull my kids out. The parents in California HAVE NO OPT OUT of this teaching. It seems that legislators have decided that parents no longer decide anything for their own children. The lesbians in the state government have literally destroyed the Golden State, it now is deeply tarnished. I lived there for forty (40) years and am deeply saddened by what is going on there. I grieve for the good, hard working citizens who have allowed a few radicals to destroy their state. It is the fault of the voters as they just keep electing these radicals to office. When will Californians wake up and kick them out of office before the whole state becomes a third world nation???
Californians, I urge you to get a copy of the bill and read it for yourself. It is truly pathetic. I can only pray that this will not set the pattern for other states.

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Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 | Author:

Former terrorist: U.S. must profile Islamic males
Becky Yeh – OneNewsNow California correspondent – 7/12/2011 4:40:00 AMBookmark and Share

Surgery, surgeon, operationThe U.S. government has warned domestic and international airlines that terrorists may be implanting bombs in human beings to better carry out their attacks.

U.S. airports have been placed on alert as the government warns of unpredictable terrorist activity. Even though surgically implanting explosives is not a new trend, those traveling to and from the U.S. may have to submit to additional security and screening measures, as reports indicate that terrorists have a newfound interest in the method.

Walid Shoebat, an ex-Muslim Palestine Liberation Organization terrorist, says a concealment attack like this would cripple U.S. air traffic and give terror groups a “success story.”

“They can choose not to go through the screening process [and instead] go through the tapping process, in which the TSA could tap the terrorist all they want, [but] they cannot find the explosives,” he explains, adding that the bomb is “internally in the body.”

Walid Shoebat smallSo Shoebat contends that the United States must profile individuals and examine the demeanor and the appearance of each prospective passenger to identify terrorists.

“If we look at most of the terrorists that were a part of the 17 suicide hijackers in 9/11, if you look closely at their foreheads, you will find the prostration mark,” the Walid Shoebat Foundation founder reports. “If a male is shaven and has a prostration mark, TSA should have looked carefully at those individuals. Those are issues that become…stickler points because the Islamists know very well that they could say that this is the discrimination and all these things, but it’s not; it is a part of the kind of systems they use in Israel. They look at those things closely, and they profile Islamist males closely.”

He further warns that terrorists tend to target major airports like those located in New York and London, and he suggests that countries that harbor terrorists, including Yemen and Libya, should be watched more carefully.

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Friday, July 08th, 2011 | Author:

A new street sign was hung to replace a portion of Richards Street in Brooklyn New York. The new sign reads: Seven In Heaven Way.
An atheist group protested the sign based on faulty arguments, as atheists always have to use. They said, “It is improper for the city to endorse the view that heaven exists. It links Christianity and heroism.” David Silverman of American Atheists
They also insisted that public signs should be non-sectarian. “It falls under the umbrella of Church and state.” Ken Bronstein
It looks like both these atheists are Jewish, at least their names look Jewish and they should hold some form of heaven even in celebrating Jewish holidays (holy days).
The argument of church and state is TOTALLY BOGUS since there is NO SUCH THING ANYWHERE IN ANY OF OUR FOUNDING DOCUMENTS. It does not exist except in twisted judicial judgments which should be overturned.
Atheists are a miserable lot since they have NOTHING to celebrate themselves, so they pick at other people’s beliefs and holidays.
I wonder why they do not go after PUBLIC names that are clearly Christian such as: SACRAMENTO, SAN DIEGO, SAN JOSE, SAN FRANCISCO and countless other cities and streets in the USA.
You know, they could turn away from a failed position and then they too would have something to celebrate.

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