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I do quite a bit of writing on line and sending articles out to those on my e-mail list on spiritual and political issues. My number one passion in life is for all people in the world to be saved from their sins and I have dedicated the last thirty-five years of my life to bring as many people to the Lord and help them grow to maturity as I can. When one does a lot of writing, as opposed to speaking, it is very easy to be misunderstood or misinterpreted. If we go back into history and read the lives of the reformers and those involved in spiritual awakenings here in America, you will see that they all had many critics who said many harsh and sometimes evil things about them and their work. Edwards, Whitefield, Finney, Brainerd and others who risked their very reputations in order to reach the American Indians, prostitutes, alcoholics and other groups that church people would have little to do with, put them in jeopardy of being misunderstood.
Their message was often harsh in dealing with sinners and this was misunderstood as hatred or too harsh and they were criticized and judged by their peers as being out of fellowship with God because they saw sin in such a destructive way in the lives of others and sought to bring repentance and faith in the Savior.
Even Spurgeon, the Prince of Preachers was criticized so harshly that he often felt as though his soul had been lacerated by a sword, yet he continued preaching to sinners and saw thousands of them find the Savior.
If one dances around with the issue of sin one finds relative safety from one’s critics today. It would be easy for me to play it safe in speaking of those in the homosexual lifestyle or those who are heterosexuals living in open sexual sin, or those who use lies and deceit on a regular basis in government or business practices. Is it ok to stand by and watch 10,000 unborn babies a DAY be murdered in their mother’s wombs and not raise our voices in protest? What would Jesus say if He were here on earth in 2010? What would He say about the teaching of sexual perversion to kindergarteners and up in public schools as they have especially in California schools, and we would be very naïve to believe that this is not the case in Texas and other states as well. Someone has called it a pagan revival and are we to just let the pagans take over while we sing songs and just talk of loving sinners? We are to reprove, rebuke and exhort them with patience and love, not keep silent and in so doing condone their behavior. Too many denominations are openly ordaining homosexuals to the ministry and too many preachers are living lives of immorality and divorcing for this very reason with little being said about it.
When I write my passions out, I run the risk of being criticized by my peers as hateful or judgmental. I can honestly say that I HATE NO HUMAN BEING ON THE EARTH. I have traveled all over the earth on mission trips to reach many different people groups with the gospel because I love them, not because I hate them. I have led Muslims to Christ, homosexuals to Christ, folks living together to Christ, drug addicts to Christ and on and on and on because I LOVE THEM ALL. I cannot stop caring deeply about the lost condition of all people outside the family of God. I will keep writing, speaking and witnessing to them until my last breath goes out of my body because of my passionate love for them.
I cannot let the pagans just take over our nation, I cannot let the atheists rob us of our freedoms, I cannot let the next generation suffer loss because I refused to engage in dialogue with those opposed to the things of God. Why? Because they are lost, without hope and without eternal life and it is my job to engage them and tell them the TRUTH so that they can see the error of their ways and find the truth and be saved.
When I write, I am sure that I am not always clear in what I am trying to convey. There are times when what I have in my mind does not end up on the paper and this leaves room for misunderstanding. For these times I apologize! I am not perfect but I give it my best shot to write in such a way that communicates the truth of God’s word to both believer and unbeliever alike. Someone spoke the truth boldly to me and it changed my life. For this I will be forever grateful. Can I do anything less? A doctor who would not tell his or her patient the truth about what is going on in their body would be liable for malpractice, so it should be for preachers who only dance around the deadly problem of sin. God gave us the TEN COMMANDMENTS to bring conviction of sin. Jesus used the seventh to lead the woman at the well to salvation. He used the tenth to convict the rich young ruler of his greedy heart and show him that this was the thing he still lacked for eternal life. He still refused to come to Jesus and went away lost. We must expose a person’s sin before they will want the cure, like the doctor who explains to a patient their disease and then the cure. Rarely does a patient refuse the cure once they see the seriousness of their illness and so it is when a sinner understands the seriousness of their sin.
Enough said. I felt I needed to get this burden off my shoulders and so I have. Blessings to all I love in the Lord. Ike

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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 | Author:

To all my dear friends,

In my last article I mentioned Pastor Rick Warren in a quote that I actually heard him say in an interview. A dear friend asked me about this as it could have been misunderstood very easily. I apologize for this error. Let me correct this situation.

Pastor Rick is a friend of mine and I owe him a great debt of gratitude as he and Saddleback Church helped sponsor the church I planted in Corona, California for about two years. I cannot express how much this support meant to me and to the church in those early days and how it helped us grow. Many times I have written on to defend Rick when people are slamming him because I believe in him. I do not always agree with him but I call him my friend and I pray for him daily and will do all I can to help him. I think he was wrong on backing out on supporting Prop 8 after the election but this was his choice and he must deal with the Lord himself about this. We need to pray for all spiritual leaders who are in the spotlight and in the crosshairs of the liberal media. They want nothing more than to USE them to tear down Christianity and the TRUE church and will use anyone and anything they can to do this. United we stand, divided we fall!

The reason I used the quote from Rick was to illustrate how even good pastors can be deceived by the liberal media and our liberal education system today. There is NO such thing as separation of church and state and yet this has even gone to the Supreme Court and the case was won in favor of something that does not exist in our founding documents. The same goes for how we got legal abortion in our country. Both Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton were based on lies and the Supreme Court ruled to legalize abortion based on fraudulent cases. Both women have since become Christians and these cases are now working their way back to the Supreme Court to try and overturn legal abortion.

My deep concern, as I wrote the article, was for the inner collapse of major denominations that are caving in to political correctness and social pressure from the gay and lesbian radical movement. I have nothing against anyone personally and I can honestly say that I love all people and desire all of them to come too salvation in Christ Jesus, but these extremists are infiltrating our government, educational institutions and are threatening our very freedom of speech and other freedoms through legislation and activism. Just think back ten to fifteen years and try and remember what it was like in American schools for children and in our churches. There was no fight for gay marriage, no fight for teaching first graders how to have homosexual sex with each other and no sensitivity training in our universities if a student disagreed with the gay lifestyle. It is getting worse by the days. This sensitivity training is very much like the reeducation camps of Nazi Germany. What has happened to FREEDOM of expression? FREEDOM of the exchange of ideas in a debate of issues? These radicals are trying to outlaw any disagreement about homosexuality at all. They are pushing to outlaw even preachers teaching that it is sin and that God considers it an abomination. Just check with Family Research Council if you think that I have gone off the deep end and watch the videos they have on the new legislation that the liberals are trying to push through congress that will do just this. Many churches in California have had to radically redo their wedding policies in order to keep from being sued for discrimination for not marrying homosexual couples. With the overruling of Prop 8 by this radical judge, and I mean radical if you read his ruling, churches may have to completely quit doing public wedding altogether.

I was reading my Bible devotions today in Isaiah and came to chapter 21 verse 12 that describes what I see coming over our great nation. “The watchman says, ‘Morning comes but also night.’ “ I am a very passionate person and I feel and love very passionately about God and country. I sit at this keyboard today as a disabled American veteran because I worked for four years on jet fighters in the US Air Force breathing jet fuel vapors and other chemicals that slowly seeped into my body and years later destroyed my nervous system. I suffer intense pain and weakness on a daily basis from this. I would do it all over again knowing the end results because I LOVE this great nation so very much and yet I see a great evil rising up from Washing DC to Sacramento to other State and local governments across this nation, to the ACLU to CODE PINK and other radical groups that seek to change the very fabric of our government from a REPUBLIC to a SOCIALISTIC/COMMUNISTIC state and we cannot allow this to happen.

The reason I wrote the last article was to try and see the GREATEST RESOURCE that AMERICA has today, THE CHURCH, rise up and save this nation from collapse from within. The Roman Empire was not destroyed from without but from within and that mostly from moral decay and corruption. WE CANNOT, AS THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST, ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN. Will we just ignore the next generation and give them over to Molech, to the evil of Socialism and not allow them to know the freedoms that we have known in our lifetime? Will we just sit idly by and watch this 234 year old giant crumble into the ruins that we see when we visit Italy, the remains of the glory of the Roman Empire. or will we look forward and give the next generation even BETTER days that the ones we enjoyed.

We have an election coming in just 70 days that could remove many radical politicians from office and hopefully put godly men and women in their place who will do the will of God and of the people once again and restore the Republic and the rule of law.

This was why I write the last article and meant no disrespect to Pastor Rick in any way, he just got mixed in as a very small illustration of how a good man can be duped by lies.

Yours with a lot of love for you, God and country. Pastor Ike

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Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 | Author:

It sickens me to see major denominations cave in to political correctness while abandoning biblical correctness. Who do these spineless preachers think they are serving anyway? They are seeking to please men and NOT God. The Bible clearly condemns this behavior. I could not believe my ears when I heard Pastor Rick warren say that he believed in the separation of church and state. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE ANYWHERE IN OUR CONSTITUTION OR ANY OTHER OF OUR FOUNDING DOCUMENTS!!! How can this man of God make such a foolish statement? Ignorance of the truth! He has been brainwashed by the lies of the liberal media and our liberal government educational system. Even the teaching of evolution would have died long ago if the liberal educational and media systems had not kept it on life support. They are keeping this blatant lie seemingly alive even though for decades honest scientists have pronounced it dead! Yet, there are countless preachers who will stand in their pulpits and proclaim that they believe that God used the Big Bang or Evolution to create the world. HOGWASH! God did NOT need billions of years to create the world and universe as we know it. If He did then He is not all powerful and certainly not worthy of man’s worship. BUT HE DID CREATE IT IN SIX (6) DAYS, THAT IS TWENTY-FOUR HOUR DAYS, JUST AS THE HEBREW BIBLE SAYS.  It amazes me at the either ignorance or stupidity of preachers today when it comes to interpreting the Hebrew and Greek scriptures. There is NO WAY you can make the six days of creation long periods of time, PERIOD! Yet I hear preachers trying to sell this tripe all the time. Why? They have been brainwashed because they spend more time watching TV than they do studying the Word of God! This is nothing but sheer laziness! You will NEVER find the truth on TV documentary shows on evolution or especially THE JESUS SEMINAR or other idiotic shows like this, yet our tax dollars go to sponsor these blatant lies and liars who spew outright distortions of history, archaeology and biblical translation and like Elmer Fudd, preachers and lazy Christians and others sit in front of their televisions and just soak it all in as thought it were the gospel truth. Did you know that these SO CALLED scholars REFUSE TO DEBATE ANY GENUINE SCHOLARS ON THE ISSUES THAT THEY CLAIM TO BE SO BRILLIANT? HUH?  Like Al Gore and his global warming lies, he too refused to even take questions after one of his talks and would not debate anyone on the topic. It is easy to be an expert when you won’t allow anyone to challenge you and when the liberal media runs interference for you, isn’t it?

LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR: ANY PREACHER OR CHURCH THAT CONDONES ANY FORM OF SEXUAL IMMORALITY IS LIVING AND TEACHING A LIE AND WILL LEAD ITS PEOPLE INTO HELL. Homosexuality is an abomination before a holy God and so is shacking up with someone you are not married to or one night stands. For a preacher to condone this behavior is equal to spiritual malpractice and should be kicked out of the pulpit! For people to believe that this behavior is ok with a holy God is dangerous and if held on to till death will send that person into eternal separation from God.

The Ten Commandments are not The Ten Suggestions but are there to set God’s ABSOLUTE STANDARDS that He expects from the people He created. He has the right to expect this since He created each of us. If you don’t believe this then turn to Psalm 139:13-18 and read it for yourself. EVERY baby in the womb of its mother is PUT TOGETHER by God Himself and when the abortion butcher kills that baby he literally rips that baby out of the hands of God Himself.

Few preachers are willing to OFFEND people with the truth today. With deadly S.T.D.s out there today, people who play sexual Russian Roulette are not playing the game with only one bullet in the chamber but four or five. Ask any expert in the field if you do not believe me. The average age of a male homosexual is 44 years and for a female it is 46. These are the last statistics that I know of. This is TRAGIC! These are human beings that God loves and created to live a full and joy filled life, not one racked with misery and pain. The homosexual lifestyle is not the tiptoeing through the tulip patch that it is made out to be. This community has the highest rate of homicides of any other community since there is so much jealousy. The high number of partners is at the root of this problem. For many heterosexuals their lives are cut short by these same deadly diseases because of ignoring the warnings of God. I have stood in a hospital ward in Africa where every patient there, men in one ward and women in another, had AIDS and TB, dying horrid deaths.

Is there a cure for all this pain and suffering? Yes! God has had this solution for thousands of years. All one has to do is read the Gospel of John and the Book of Romans to find God’s answer for all mankind. It tells us that ALL of us have sinned and ALL of us deserve to be sent to hell for our sins, BUT because God does not desire to condemn anyone, He sent His ONLY Son, Jesus/Yeshua (Hebrew) to die on the cross to take all of man’s sins away. He left only ONE sin that He could not die for and that is our unbelief. This is the only one that separates man from having forgiveness and eternal life. It took me twenty-seven years to find this and once I did God wiped out all the trash in my past and filled my life with more joy and peace than I could begin to describe to you. If you have questions just reply to this blog. Blessings on you and yours. This works no matter what sexual orientation you are.

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For even when we were with you, we used to give you this ORDER: if anyone is not wiling to work, then he is not to eat, either. For we hear that some among you are leading an undisciplined life, doing NO work at all, but acting like busybodies. 2 Thessalonians 3:10-11

It seems that far too many people today want to hand out food and every other service to people just because they are in need. They Bible actually forbids the doing of this by the ORDER given in this passage. Later on there are instructions given on which widows to help and specific guidelines are given as to which ones qualify and which ones do not. You can read it for yourself in 1 Timothy chapter 5.
It is amazing how much money is raised each year by organizations to take care of people who refuse to work for a living. Many of these organizations bring in millions of dollars. Are they using this money biblically?

Welfare programs promote the laziness of people who don’t want to be gainfully employed and it only prolongs the problem. The federal government has destroyed many in the Indian nations by reparations. They have turned them into alcoholics and promoted gambling all across this nation where gambling is otherwise not legal. What a mess our government has made in their efforts to help people NOT to work for their own living. Now they want to turn unemployment into another cash cow by pushing out the payments who knows how long. Entitlements are eroding the work ethic that made this nation great and making people dependent on government, which is supported by those who WILL work for a living. This system is destined to collapse when those who work can no longer support those who WON’T.

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Thursday, August 05th, 2010 | Author:

and the Vice President as well… it seems that it has become fashionable to use profanity in the White House during this term.

The fear of the LORD is to hate evil;
pride and arrogance and the evil way
and the perverted mouth, I HATE. Proverbs 8:13

We have all heard it said that profanity is a weak mind trying to express itself since it has a poor vocabulary it has to revert to gutter language to speak. Profanity is never becoming a gentlemen. Men determine for themselves whether or not they are gentlemen or just men. They can call strip clubs gentleman’s clubs but they are anything but this. A true gentleman will NEVER darken the door of these sleaze holes. A gentleman is one, according to Websters’ dictionary who is a man of good breeding, politeness and civil manners, and distinguished from vulgar and clownish. Does this describe you, sir? Are you faithful to your wife or girlfriend? Do you wait for marriage to have sex with your lady? If not you have lowered yourself to less than a gentleman. What America needs today is a return to the virtues that made her great in the beginning of this nation. She is rotting away morally and I lay most of this at the feet of Hollywood and the Playboy empire. This decrepit old man is still one of the most immoral men in America and has corrupted the morals of millions of young men and has spawned an empire of other sleaze magazines and now a mountain of pornography on the internet. Do you know the origin of the word pornography? It if from the Greek porneia which is translated by the word evil, which fits the bill perfectly. Pornography has destroyed countless marriages and families, has caused the molestation of countless children and has led millions of people into sexual perversion that ultimately has cost them their very lives through STDs. I have seen first hand the devastation of AIDS in Africa and it is horrid beyond description. My hope and prayer is for a return to morality in America and a restoration of respect for human life and dignity once again as it once was in this great land.

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