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The national association of school psychologists reports approximately one in seven children is either a bully or the victim of a bully. This breaks down the 5,000,000 elementary and junior high school students nationwide.

Approximately 282,000 students are physically attacked each month in secondary schools.

Research has also shown that an estimated 525,000 attacks, shake-downs and robberies occur each month in our schools. There are 125,000 teachers threatened with physical harm and 5,200 actual assaults take place each month. Each year nearly three million crimes are committed on or near school property, that is 16,000 per school day. About 135,000 students carry guns to school daily; one fifth of all students report carrying a weapon of some kind. 21% of all secondary school students avoid using the rest rooms out of fear of being harmed or intimidated.

Almost eight percent of urban junior and senior high school students miss at least one day of school per month due to fear. Arrests of juveniles for weapons offenses rose forty-five percent for 1989 to 1992.

Almost one third of public school teachers indicate that they have seriously considered leaving teaching because of student misbehavior.

Additional statistics from: Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right From Wrong by William Kilpatrick

The demise of our schools began under John Dewey in the 1940’s and rapidly escalated when the Supreme Court outlawed prayer in schools and took the posting of the Ten Commandments out of classrooms. Early public education included Christianity as a daily part of the lesson and if one is willing to examine early text books you will find that the Bible was central to good education. The McGuffey Reader taught the ABC’s by teaching about the fall of man through his sin and how God came to redeem him. Congress actually published the Bible for the purpose of using them in public schools.

The demise of public education in America is laid squarely at the feet of Socialist reforms in education and until we remove atheistic control from our schools we will continue to see this demise. The teaching of evolution, revision of American and world history and the removing of physical correction have all led to a perversion of our educational system. Evolution is nothing more than atheists trying to remove Christian/Bible teaching from schools under the LIE of separation of church and state. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IN ANY OF OUR FOUNDING DOCUMENTS! It was taken from a private letter from Thomas Jefferson writing in reply to the Danbury Baptist Association on the question of whether one denomination of Christianity would be dominant as was the case in Great Britain when they left.

Our very freedoms are under blatant attack today by Mr. Obama and the liberals in congress and in state houses across America. Freedom loving Americans MUST stop this insanity before Socialism overtakes and removes our very Constitution and Bill of Rights. We cannot afford to sit on our hands any longer. We MUST take action NOW to remove these extremists by impeachment. November is eleven months away. Just look at what the past twelve months have seen happen. These liberals could care less about the opinions of the American people. They have an agenda and are instituting it daily by FORCE. Will this lead to open violence? I truly hope not but like the founding fathers of this great land and the cry of, “Give me liberty or give me death,” we too must rise to the occasion, if forced to do so, and restore our Republic and our freedoms. May God have mercy on America in 2010.

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