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Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 | Author:

I am amazed to see Anti-Semitism on the rise again around the world. I cannot for the life of me, a gentile Christian, understand the hatred for the Jewish people. You really have to be mentally sick to hate and harm such a gentle people. Yet, in the Middle East we are bombarded with hatred for them and the liberal news media often fuels this hatred. How is it that when the Palestinians lob missiles over on the Jewish people of Israel it is reported as freedom fighters and when the Jews retaliate by targeting the ones who lobed them over are suddenly terrorists? This is sheer insanity. It took Netanyahu to stand up for the Jews at the UN the other day after the holocaust denier Okmenajab spewed Jewish hatred in his ‘speech’ there. Barack Hussein Obama did not attempt to correct the record on this issue when he spoke. It takes either a deranged blind person or a fool to deny the horrific killing fields of Nazi Germany in WWII.

If we stop to think about it, Hitler drove out the Jews who were the brilliant scientists who COULD have given him the atomic bomb. When he drove them out, including Einstein, he gave America the upper hand in developing the bomb that ended the war with Japan.
Jewish people have given great things to America and any other country where they have lived. Just think of the huge gains in quality of life because they are part of the American fabric. One of my dearest friends is a Jewish Messianic Rabbi. He is very orthodox and loves Jews and gentiles alike. It is sad to hear of his experiences when he goes to restaurants or out shopping. The things that sick people say to him are infuriating, yet he remains calm in the face of bigoted hatred. He was once called a Jesus hater and that he caused the death of Jesus when he is a lover of Jesus Christ. How stupid it is to pre-judge a person based on how he or she dresses before we really know anything about them good or bad. By the way, pre-judge is the root of the word prejudice. These folks would often pride themselves on being ‘tolerant’ while showing just the opposite.

Just how long will it take for the human race to grow up? It will be eternity before it happens. You see, the Greatest Jew ever to live was Jesus Christ/Yeshua HaMashiach. When I came to know Him, my whole perspective on life and people changed. I can truly say that I love all people and I, as a Christian, am commanded by Jesus/Yeshua to love everybody.

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Thursday, October 15th, 2009 | Author:

I cannot remember, in my sixty-two years of life, a more corrupt government than we have under Obama and the liberals of congress. I also cannot believe that the American people are putting up with it. Why don’t we do something to stop them? Have we ever heard of a recall process or impeachment? They are ignoring our Constitution and breaking laws left and right yet they seem unstoppable. We wait with bated breath for the elections of 2010 but that is still over a year away. How much more damage can they do in the next twelve months? Just look at what they have done in just ten months! I am nauseated to even see Obama now. He represents everything that is evil in the world. He is anti-military, anti-family, he is completely ignoring the will of the majority of the people, he is rabidly supporting the murder of the unborn and promoting the sexual perversion of homosexuality. Just look at how he had done an end-run around the congress and constitution by putting all these Czars into place. He does not like us calling them Czars, but that is exactly what they are! Who on earth could imagine the chief executive (not capitalized intentionally since he has yet to prove he is a citizen) who would appoint a gay activist who has the perverse record that he has and he is supposed to be the “safe schools Czar”? He signed off on the book whose agenda was to make kids homosexuals. He claims that children are being converted to being heterosexuals. Mr. Jennings, you DO NOT HAVE TO CONVERT SOMEONE WHO IS BORN NATURLLY AS A HETEROSEXUAL. All children are born heterosexual and then are convinced that they are homosexuals. There is NO evidence of a gay gene!

The main target of homosexuals is children. They have been lobbying for years to lower the age of consent in America so that they can abuse children with immunity. To allow them to adopt children is the last straw of insanity. We are putting innocent kids into homes where sexual abuse is in the crosshairs. It seems that when a homosexual rapes a child it is treated differently than when a heterosexual does it. I think that the sexual abuse of a child should carry the death penalty as they have as good as murdered that child emotionally. This is the professional opinion of child researchers. They want us to remember Matthew Shepherd and hold him up as their poster child for ‘homophobia,” (another totally nonsensical term) yet he was not killed for his homosexuality but for drug involvement. There is no mention of the fourteen year old boy in Georgia who was raped to death by two homosexuals. They duct taped his mouth, arms and legs and he ultimately died at their brutal hands. This child abuse is repeated in public schools across America with little fanfare.

It is time to COMPLETELY REVAMP congress and the institutions of our land. Our schools will continue to cram evolution down the throats of innocent kids when it is the biggest lie of our day. Are you as sick to death of corruption as I am? Should congress members be able to retire with full salaries after only one term when other Americans have to work thirty or more years to get a portion of their salaries? It is time for congress to be put on the level of the average citizen; after all, they are supposed to be the SERVANTS of the people. They need to be taken off their high horses and made accountable to all of us.

May God have mercy on America!

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