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There is a move afoot today in America and the world that is trying to marginalize God , the church and the Bible. Men have tried to do this for many centuries and none have ever succeeded. Some have kept it pressed down for a time but it always comes back in power when the people of God turn to Him in prayer, repentance and faith. God is the ultimate victor when it is all over with and He will have the ultimate last word. Man often gets too big for his britches and God has to humble him. This has happened numerous times throughout history and the record is very clear about it. In the Roaring 20’s it seemed like immorality was the norm of the day with the ‘flappers’ and the loose morals of the day. Then came the collapse of the stock market, depression and the dust bowl days. Man was living high until the bottom dropped out of society. When it does fall out, man tends to seek out God and His church for help. Do you remember 9-11-01 and the tremendous turn out at churches across the nation? This was a Tuesday and no announcement had to be made that churches would be open that night, they just came and packed every chair available.


What will it take for God to get America’s attention again? State after state is caving into the gay agenda and saying that two men or two women can be ‘married.’ God calls this an abomination and many spineless clergy across the country are caving in to political correctness rather than biblical correctness and even ordaining an abomination into the ministry. God will not tolerate blatant sin in any nation for very long. His wrath is held back for a time but He will act and suddenly pull the foundations right out from under us. He often uses more godless people to do this such as when Assyria took the Jews out of Israel in ancient times. They were there for seventy (70) years and even when they returned to their land it was no longer theirs but they were slaves to their captors.


Natural disasters are often warning signs of impending danger. Fires, earthquakes, storms and other things are a wakeup call for a nation to repent of their sins and turn back to God for His mercy and forgiveness. There will be a generation that will flat out refuse to repent. This generation will witness the Anti-Christ, a one world government, one world religion and all the other events prophesied in the Bible. Note that the Bible has NEVER been proven inaccurate in any place and it will not be in this instance either. It is coming and it may be very soon. America is thumbing her nose in the face of Almighty God and His patience is fast running out. “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”  Galatians 6:7


Just since the liberals, from both parties, have taken over the White House and congress, godless decisions are being made daily that fly in the face of a Holy God. Mr. Obama just this week declared the month of June as Gay, Lesbian, transsexual and all other forms of sexual perversion month. The following months of this year could bring stronger birth pangs in judging our land unless the people of God are willing to put a stop to the downward slide. I am not advocating violence to do this. I am saying that we need to turn out in droves on July 4th for the next Tea Party gathering. This is a time for us to let our elected officials, our activist judges and any other people who are trying to bring in Socialism into our nation. Homosexuality is a perversion as is adultery and any other sex outside the bonds of marriage. Marriage is not up for sale on the chopping block of history. It has been between a man and a woman throughout history and God will not allow any nation to alter this. It is time for all decent Americans to stand up for what it right and God honoring before it is too late.


Then on July 5th, Family Research Council is sponsoring A Call To Fall for all believers across America. This is a time for us to fall on our knees as churches and individuals and cry out to God for His mercy and forgiveness. We can protect our land from His judgment if we are willing to do what it right in His eyes rather than in the eyes of man. 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 makes it clear what He expects of us. When the church of Jesus Christ draws near to Him then He can save our land and leave a lasting legacy for our children and grandchildren. Godless men and women have made a mess of our nation at present, even while claiming to be followers of Him. Jesus said that by their fruit we will know them. To say that you are a Christian and then live exactly the opposite makes one a hypocrite and a poser. Our walk and our talk must match up,  then we will honor the Lord as our God and He will restore America back to peace and blessings again.

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