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Monday, January 21st, 2008 | Author:

Frank Gaffney seems to think that President Bush’s trip to the Middle East is similar to Mad Magazine. I could not disagree more. What President Bush is trying to accomplish is to finally settle the issue of a Palestinian state along side of an Israeli state. I have studied the Bible for over thirty years now and have held a belief over the past few years that something like this coming agreement, if it is made, could signal the dividing of the place called Temple Mount. The Muslims now control the mount but the Bible clearly prophesies that the Temple of Israel will be rebuilt in the last days. The Bible refers to a covenant that would be made with Israel under an “uneasy peace” and any agreement with Palestine will be just that since their ultimate goal is to shove Israel into the Mediterranean Sea. This could see Temple Mount divided in the middle between the two parties. The latest archaeological work in that area has determined that the open space on the mount was more where the original temple stood and that it faced directly out the Eastern Gate. Wouldn’t it be a gas to see this agreement restore Israel’s right to Temple Mount and the rebuilding of the LAST temple in history? This one might just be the one to keep a close eye and ear on. Bible prophesy could be fulfilled right in front of our eyes. I believe that it was in the year 2002 that an attempt was made to lay the cornerstone for the new temple with much bloodshed. This time it might be laid in peace. The Temple Institute stands ready with most of what would be needed to begin worship again in the temple. Check it out on the internet. I have visited it three times and it is fascinating!

Pastor Ike

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Thursday, January 17th, 2008 | Author:

The Lord brought this article to my mind in a flash as I viewed a video on scientists who have grown a rat heart from rat heart cells. I just had to remind folks about Who it was who created the first rat. I published this on yesterday. Today, I discovered information on Ben Stein’s new movie, ”EXPELLED.” Check it out on line and watch the trailer. It is going to be one of the most controversial films released in years since it deals with intelligent design and the battle against the castle of Darwinism. This is a MUST SEE movie for every person alive!

I just viewed a video in which scientists have taken rat heart tissues and they developed into a beating heart. They seem to think that they have done something phenomenal and it seems to indicate that they think that they actually “created” something. What they have discovered is what God put into place “In the beginning.” God said many times in Genesis that each thing He created would reproduce “after its kind” and we find it so in real life. Apples do not produce oranges but more apples, rat heart tissues reproduce little rat hearts if allowed to do their thing, which these scientists seem to have allowed them to do. If these scientists really want to do something phenomenal let them start with NOTHING and then make the first rat heart cell on their own. Well, we all know the outcome of this. They will get nothing from nothing. I would hope that the scientists would simply acknowledge that the Master Creator built into each type of cell the ability to reproduce itself as occurs daily in all living things. It seems, at first blush, that this could end up being a good thing for folks who need new organs, but let’s not forget who created the first organs “In the beginning.” Scripture says, “And God said, let there be…” and it was.

This matches what we know scientifically that under irreducible minimum conditions, the cell could never have evolved. This goes for many creatures that scientists admit have not changed in all of earth’s history, such as the Horseshoe Crab etc. We find creatures in deep strata that match perfectly with what we see today. When we look at the FACTS we can see that all things had a sudden beginning and are still working as designed today. You gotta love it!
Something to ponder for sure.


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