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It seems that the only people in America today who have freedom of speech is the liberal branch of society. They cry constantly about intolerance while refusing others the right to express their opinions. They are trying to pass laws, and are doing so in many cases, to make it illegal to speak one’s mind . Sheila Khuel, of California’s legislature, is now attempting to pass into law, and has just passed the senate there, which states that all textbooks should be banned that make any negative reference to homosexuals, transsexual, bisexual (etc. etc. etc. ad nausium ad infinitim). She is a professing lesbian and was Dobie Gillis’s girlfriend on the tv series of yesteryear.  Last year she pushed a bill through a very liberal legislature to ban the use of “Father, Mother, Dad, Mom and other references that would in essence make a person with other sexual preferences feel badly.” The just passed a bill against spanking your children. I wonder how many of them even have children of their own. How do they know what is best for California’s citizens? I reference California since I spent the last 41 years of my life in that great state.

A friend of mine gave me a tee shirt a few years ago which says on the front,
On the back it lists things that are right to be intolerant of:

The Prophet Elijah intolerant of Jezebel
The Apostle Paul intolerant of Witchcraft Books
Thomas Jefferson intolerant of King George III
George Washington intolerant of British Troops
Frederick Douglass intolerant of Slavery
Susan B. Anthony intolerant of Only Men Voting
Amy Carmichael intolerant of Child Prostitution
Dietrich Bonhoeffer intolerant of Anti-Semitism
Winston Churchhill intolerant of Adolph Hitler
Martin Luther King Jr. intolerant of Segregation
Lech Walesa intolerant of Communism
Mother Teresa intolerant of Abortion

And I am sure that the list could go on and on. This list is hard to argue with but I feel that the current liberals could surely find something to whine about, in exercising their freedom of speech. I think they want
American citizens to do as students in elementary school classes do, raise your hand and get permission if you want to speak with the teacher having the total power to overrule what was said.

Our country has killed almost 50,000,00 American citizens and it seems that very few are vocal about this murder for hire. I think that it is time for patriotic citizens to get active and loud about the assault on our Freedom Of Speech. Political Correctness is just another way of trying to shut the mouths of American citizens.
I bet you could add to the list of intolerance issues that are truly of worthy of discussion.
Thanks, Ike

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