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In America, in the 1800’s, there was deep anguish in the hearts of God-fearing people who saw men, women and children bought and sold as property. Reverend Charles Finney, one of America’s finest attorneys, who became a Christian evangelist, was considered by many a trouble maker since he spoke out so boldly and with such passion on freedom for all slaves. Harriet Tubman, and the Underground Railroad, risked life, limb and arrest to help slaves from the south escape to the free north. Many God-fearing farmers, businessmen and legislators in America constantly fought to free the slaves.  Abe Lincoln ultimately gave his life for this cause.This is not fiction. It really happened in American history in the 1800’s. Why are we talking about freeing the slaves in 2004? The reason is that in the 1800’s, humans were considered as property and could be sexually and physically abused, killed, sold away from their families for the slightest disobedience or for nothing more than making a buck. In today’s world, we do not buy and sell human flesh, do we? We do not treat human beings so cheaply as to discard them out of personal convenience, do we? The astounding answer is, “Yes, we still do!” Americans have again taken on the mantra, used to keep slavery legal, that a human being is property and has no rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. How do we prove this? Abortion IS the killing of a living, unborn child, a CITIZEN of America. The child is considered the property of the mother and she can dispose of IT as she sees fit. Often, her sexual immorality has brought about a new life in her womb and she calls it an UNWANTED pregnancy so she goes to an abortion mill and a “doctor” gets rid of the problem. Most of the so-called “doctors” who kill the unborn have arrived at the end of the road in their medical profession because of multiple malpractice suits and have lost the right to work in hospitals, so they end up in industrial buildings destroying American citizens by sucking them out of the womb one piece at a time. Some of these hypocriticaldoctors” actually kill the children during the delivery process. This gruesome procedure is called Partial Birth Abortion, which involves the child fully delivered except for the head. The “doctor” takes a pair of scissors, punctures the back of the child’s head, inserts a suction device and sucks the brains out of a living child. There have been cases where the child is still alive, after a botched abortion, and the “doctor” actually suffocates or chokes the baby to death. One case involves a woman who, after being strapped to the table, changed her mind and wanted to keep her baby. The “doctor” refused to let her go and performed the abortion on her in spite of her protests. After all, the “doctor” stands to loose 350 bucks and the additional income of selling parts from the murdered baby. Our legislators want to legalize the RU486 morning after pill, as an over-the-counter drug, even though a girl in Orange County bled to death along with a number of other women who have taken this dangerous medication. Our legislators in California have managed to pass laws that allow school “nurses” to take a pregnant girl into an abortion mill and kill her child WITHOUT HER PARENTS EVER BEING NOTIFIED. Some parents have only found out by discovering their daughters lying DEAD in a pool of their own blood. Our Congress has passed and our President has signed the ban on Partial Birth Abortion, but Senator Boxer and the courts have managed to keep this from becoming law. Sen. Boxer, arguing on the Senate floor to keep Partial Birth Abortion legal, said, “A baby is not a baby until that child is taken home from the hospital.” DO YOU SHARE MY OUTRAGE AT THOSE WHO THINK THEY KNOW BEST ABOUT THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH OF OUR CHILDREN. ARE WE JUST GOING TO SIT BACK AND LET THEM CONTINUE TO DESTROY MORE LIVES EACH AND EVERY DAY IN AMERICA? Abortionists have now killed almost FIFTY MILLION unborn citizens.  My God-fearing friends, America lies in MORAL SHAMBLES. Let’s let our legislators know that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH LEGAL MURDER. Lets vote them out of their “EXALTED POSITIONS” and restore the laws of the land to protect all citizens of this great nation. Questions – Comments?      Pastor Ike 

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